Training from a groomer’s point of view

purple hair dryer being pointed at golden retriever dog

Additional training should be started from when the puppy is very young but it is never too late to start.

Crate training is a must to prepare your dog for extended visits at the groomer, vet or day-care. A nervous anxious dog can cause injury to itself or to its handler. Small dogs can be afraid and bite and large dogs can barge out of crates causing dislocations and broken fingers etc. These types of dogs are particularly difficult to settle and gain their trust.

Table awareness is the next step, it is amazing how many large dogs become uncontrollable and a real nightmare to handle when they are lifted from the floor and expected to stand on a table.

These two things alone will make your dog so much more confident and relaxed when visiting a groomer or the vet.

Once your dog is comfortable in a crate and happy on a table grooming related training can now begin.