Overcoming Stress and Anxiety


In a world of increasing stress and anxiety here is some practical advice that may help
overcome stress and anxiety.

Accept that we can’t control everything

In reality, we have much less control over our lives than we think. Our partner, success in our job, whether people like us can be influenced by us to a certain extent but mostly they are out of our control.

If we contemplate this deeply we can understand this from our own experience. Then we can begin to let go of our worries and self-concerns and let life play out more, rather than
exhausting ourselves trying to control everything.

This does not mean we cease to care about life, quite the opposite. We just start to
focus our attention on the things we can control, our mind and our intentions towards

Stop comparing ourselves to others

We just can’t help but compare our life to other people’s. If we feel that other people’s lives are better we can become depressed and anxious. Social media is making things worse as it paints an unrealistic picture of what our life should be like.

People post the highlights of their life, which make them look awesome and fun. If we are constantly comparing ourselves to this unrealistic world, then we are bound to end up feeling inadequate.

Comparing ourselves to others is of no benefit to us, it is a pointless habit that only leads
to mental suffering. Instead, we should learn to feel joy for others good fortune, realising
it brings them happiness.

-By Mathew Stuart