Pain? Tension? Soreness? Headaches?


When the body is moving and functioning well, life can be productive. An integral part of that functionality is the nerves in the body conveying important messages to the joints and muscles.

During stress, injury or illness, these messages can be disrupted and sometimes cause pain and/or dysfunction.

How Can Ortho-Bionomy Assist?


• aids in healing and re-alignmentby re-educating joints, muscles and nerves to help stimulate the selfcorrecting reflexes of the body;

• employs subtle yet deliberate movements that re-position the body to naturally release stress and pain patterns;

• is gentle and non-forceful ie. no manipulation is used;

• strongly focuses on the comfort of the individual.

Introduction of self-care exercises may also be shown. Comfortable garments are recommended as no clothing is removed and a massage table or massage chair is used.


An Ortho-Bionomist is a facilitator, an educator who helps bring the attention of a person to those patterns within themselves which, through the person’s own recognition, brings motive for change.

During a session there is importance placed on facilitating the experience of comfort.

Founder of Ortho-Bionomy

“Change can only come about when the self-corrective instincts of the body are summoned in such a way that the body does not resist change. Anything beyond this is force, which when applied too much, leads only to the rebellion of the self instead of a re-unification of the harmonic whole.” –Dr. Arthur Lincoln Pauls, D.O.

The term Ortho-Bionomy comesnfrom “ortho” meaning correct or straight, “bio” meaning life and “nomy” meaning the laws of or study of.

Dr Pauls defined the term as “the correct application of the laws of life”.

The non-invasive techniques address a range of health issues such as:

• muscle pain

• whiplash

• headaches and migraines

• joint injuries and dysfunction

• neck and back pain

• physical conditions associated with emotional imbalances

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