Closing the Gap Candidate Survey 2019

closing the gap candidate survey

The priorities and preferences of candidates running in this year’s local body elections have been revealed in the income equity group Closing the Gap’s recent survey of local body election candidates across the region.

Closing the Gap Chairman Peter Malcolm says the questions asked of the district, regional and city councils have drilled into basic issues and attitudes.

He said some candidates have not responded to the survey, which could be telling in itself.

Closing the Gap Candidate Survey Questions

The questions in the survey included topics such as:

    • income wealth equality
    • the living wage
    • wellbeing
    • affordability of transport
    • the provision of social and community housing
    • salaries of local body employees
    • the rating system

Peter says there is a significant social cost in having high inequality, so having sympathetic local representatives is important to us all.

The survey welcomed comments on each question, which gave candidates the opportunity to explain their positions.

Other questions related to local transport, including public transport, social and community housing, the rating system, salaries of council staff and the Coalition Government’s wellbeing budget/approach. 

Casting Informed Votes

Peter says while the survey offers a convenient snapshot of candidates for the voters in helping them decide, another good addition is to attend candidate meetings.

Survey Results Summary

Read the specific responses from candidates for:


closing the gap candidate surveys