The Game Has Changed For Landlords

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The arrival of Tremains in Tauranga means a significant shift in how property managers engage with people wanting to rent a property and how landlords manage their properties.

Tremains bring a completely new way of looking at the proposition of owning rental properties as an asset class.

Property owners don’t just get a property manager they also get complete wrap-around services that means rental property owners have professional expertise available to find ways to create more investment value and to assist with decision-making at key moments.

Tremains Rentals General Manager Suz Hall says a landlord wants to know their property manager is active, will solve issues when they arise, and has a good team of tradies on call to sort problems at reasonable cost and of good quality. 

They want to get a sense their property manager has regard for their assets and understands what the long-term plan for them is. 

Landlords also want to know their tenants are going to be treated respectfully and that they have someone who is friendly to deal with. Most of all they want to know that when they are absent their chosen property manager has it all under control.

Many landlords are edgy about legislative change and irritated at being a perceived as a target by Government. But Suz says the message to landlords around changes to legislation is that her team can work with them to plan for those changes and move incrementally to have properties compliant to new regulations.

“We have time. Change is coming and rental property as an asset class is evolving a lot, but it remains a solid investment option and we have time to meet the requirements of the new regulations. Together we can set up a plan and work out a way to ensure when 2021 arrives we are in good shape.”

For landlords the breadth of the Tremains Group also creates added value. Under the Tremains umbrella an investor can find residential rental and sales expertise but also expertise in rural agricultural property through Colliers. And if an investor has a particularly special property, that can be handled through another arm of the group, New Zealand Sotheby’s International Realty.

The group has a range of legal, planning, and mortgage broking capabilities that can be called on and if property owners are considering subdividing or developing they should talk to their property manager to be guided to the best person within the group to provide advice.

Meet Suz Hall

Suz Hall has been involved in property and property management for the best part of two decades, as an agency owner and then general manager in the Hawkes Bay and now Tauranga.

She is also an accomplished musician, having sung professionally in New Zealand and in Dallas, Texas. She plays acoustic guitar and is probably most at home with contemporary country music.

Suz says when Tremains bought out L J Hooker and First National in Tauranga they wanted to bring in the systems and the philosophies that had worked so well in other parts of the country.

“My job is to make that happen. I love what I am doing because we are a company that has an intention to do things well. We are fully engaged in the communities in which we operate, because we live and thrive in those communities. I have a great team of property managers throughout the central North Island and I am laser-focused on creating something quite special in terms of how modern property management is evolving.”

For the time being her guitar is gathering dust, but she says hopefully she will make connections with local musicians in Tauranga.