Home Pets & Wildlife Department of Conservation Mural Unveiling “Te Wao Tapu Nui o Tane Mahuta – The Domain of Tane”

Mural Unveiling “Te Wao Tapu Nui o Tane Mahuta – The Domain of Tane”

Mural Unveiling “Te Wao Tapu Nui o Tane Mahuta – The Domain of Tane”

The Department of Conservation Tauranga is hosting a public celebration for the mural unveiling of Te Wao Tapu Nui o Tane Mahuta – The Domain of Tane on Friday, 5 July at 2pm.

The event will be located at the Arts Junction 36 Main Road, Katikati. It is open to the public, and will be followed by free food and drinks. The unveiling will be introduced by our guest speakers and storytellers including representatives of DOC, Iwi, and our supporters.


Arts Junction, 36 Main Road Katikati, 5 July 2019 (Friday)


2.00 pm Blessing & Introduction (Kaumatua)

2.15 pm Guest speaker Jeff Milham (DOC Operations Manager)

2.25 pm Guest speaker Riki Nelson (Ngati Te Wai & Track Ambassador Lead)

2.35 pm Guest speaker Pa McGowan (Nga Whenua Rahui)

2.50 pm Guest speaker Steve Graveson (Open Air Arts) & Paula Gaelic (Western Bay Museum)

3.00 pm Celebration with food, drinks, and networking in the Arts Junction carpark

About the Mural & Campaign

Mural under construction.

Our Kaimai kauri forests are rich in history and culture. From the carving of waka to industrial logging, the kauri have given us generations worth of value and stories. Now threatened by the spread of kauri dieback disease, we risk losing this great taonga. It’s our turn to give back, to give the Kaimai kauri protection so it can stand tall for generations to come. Join us in celebrating the stories of our Kaimai kauri and learn how we all can play a part to stop the spread of the disease to our forests.

The mural has been created as a community effort between The Arts Junction, Katch Katikati, Open Air Art, Shane Walker Artworks, Western Bay Museum, the DOC Kauri Team, and the marae of Te Rereatukahia, Tuapiro, and Otawhiwhi. Our Iwi and hapū partners have worked as part of our DOC team and supported this initiative from the start.


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