Global First for Tauranga


Business leadership is crucial, says Dr Graham Little, it is the foundation of our wealth, and with almost every person employed, then success at work flows into financially-strong communities with a more relaxed sense of fulfilment with life generally.

The link between what happens at work and what happens in the community has been ignored and undervalued. Improving that is a major aspect of our leadership development.

Dr Little is an independent social scientist and author, with many published papers and books on the issues of leadership, role of business in the community, and how to develop the community through better business performance beginning with better leadership.

His work is global leading, based on his redesign of the methodology of social science leading to the only scientific general theory of psychology.

His twelve books and supporting papers, are all free electronically in PDF, and are published at the academic electronic publishing site, Social Science Research Network (SSRN).

Founded in Harvard, 25 years ago, purchased by Elsevier some 6 years ago, SSRN is regarded as the most prestigious of the electronic academic publishing platforms.

“We manage situations based on the ideas we apply,” says Dr Little.

“It is important to get better ideas out there, so I place no price barrier between my work and people reading it. But I do stress my work is serious thinking, it is not entertainment. I expect people to think about what they are doing, then apply better ideas to get better results, especially business leaders (and politicians, he says with
a smile, but that is harder to do).”

Dr Little is launching his one-day CEO workshop in Tauranga, based on his book, The Mind of the CEO, free in PDF off SSRN, guiding business leaders on making their businesses more successful, and enabling in staff a greater sense satisfaction and work-life fulfilment.

The one-day CEO workshop, The Mind of the CEO is on 28th March.

There are free presentations for CEOs and business governance interested in leadership development resulting in improved business results and greater staff work-life satisfaction on 8th, 15th, and 20th March, at the Tauranga Motor Inn, 50 Wharf Street, 3.30-5.00.