Get ready for Tauranga’s biggest Festival of Love, New Zealand’s happiest event on 29 February!

Hop into Holi, of colour splash fun!


Romp in the rainbows from noon to 4 pm!

Frolic and cavort with family and friends at this free community event!

Unleash inhibitions!

Rejuvenate body and soul!

Holi is one of India’s most cheered jubilees of light and love.

Appreciated worldwide across age and race, this ancient-cum-modern fest of love and open hearts toasts the sublime play of Śrī Śrī Rādhā and Kṛṣṇa.

Jordan Park (Memorial Park) will rouse with music, entertainment, dance, face paint, henna, vegetarian food, and vibrant colour-throwing at summer 2020’s Holi Colour Splash gala. The event is committed to sustainability and is drug and alcohol free. 

Packages of beautiful colours will be sold on-site.

Holi highlights include performance by the exotic international Bharatanatyam dancer Hemvati Shah, and lively traditional Holi music played by a nationally popular DJ artist.

The ancient festival of Holi, having emerged from India, is now celebrated widely throughout the world, and in recent years has become a popular ‘clean fun’ event in New Zealand cities.

There are varying traditional stories that tell the origin of Holi. The underlying message of all these is that divine goodness will always overpower evil, and that the supreme divine will always look out for His/Her children. Holi reminds and encourages us to strengthen the virtue of truthful and honest living and being, and to disown the unethical, unkind, or evil, starting with our self.

Event organisers Dhruva and Bela Reid take pleasure in facilitating this age-old fest of colour-throwing in the heart of Tauranga for its fourth consecutive year. They are expecting the event to attract a bigger turn out than previous years.

“We’re happy to see the spirit of these ancient fests gaining acceptance and popularity, because the essence of the message is one of goodwill and open-heartedness towards others, which we believe applies to all, regardless of faith or culture,” says Dhruva. And Bela adds to this ”With the trans-cultural injection of the Holi spirit, we wish to make the festival comers reflect on how peace, honour and fulfillment can come from within each of us, and manifest in our lives.”

The festival will run from noon – 4 pm on 29 February at Jordan Park and is free for all to attend thanks to the generosity of sponsors including Tauranga City Council, Welcoming Communities Tauranga, Ethnic Communities Development Fund.

For more information please contact: Bela dasi: Ph 021 025 480 52.